Future Democracy

Introduction:There is no Representative Democracy!

1. All of today's self-proclaimed "democracies" are not representative at all. Nowhere is the officially "represented" population reflected in the composition of members by social status, age, sex, education and health and so on: - not in the politicians in the parliaments (legislative, making laws) - especially not in the governments (governmental executive, steering power) - not in the highest levels of administration (administrative executive) - not in the heads of the police (intervening executive) - not in the judges (judiciary, administering legal justice) 2. And the people elect only the proclaimed "representatives" in legislature, nowhere however those in the (wider) executive and the judiciary. 3. People unable to work (in each population a huge proportion: children, the elderly, invalids, the severely ill, and so on) just cannot practicably be represented by the work of any "representatives" (as they need to be able to work). 4. And finally, at the very core of it: No person can be represented! Every person has a living, thinking brain, continuously learns more, and can change their opinions and decisions at any time. Thus no one person can claim to ever represent even a single other. (In the parliaments, each politician "stands for" tens of thousands, by party discipline even many millions.) Conclusion: 1. We do not have representative democracy, our so-called "democracy" is not really representative. 2. "Representative democracy" is in fact not even possible, as it is an oxymoron, a nonsensical combination of contradicting terms. (Demos, the people, consists of each individual, and no individual can really be "represented".) Representative democracy is a scam! Well, so let's have a majority vote on everything? We'll see about that, on the following page ...
02. There is no Representative Democracy!
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