Future Democracy

Introduction:There is no Democratic Majority!

1. The self-proclaimed "democracies" in this world are actually antidemocratic in everyday life: "Bosses" command "subordinates", and even the slightest hint of critique thereof is at best met with icy ridicule, and profound criticism is even punished by withdrawing the life standard gained by one's work so far. Passing a vote every few years is all the "democracy" (= "the people decide over themselves") that most people ever get, while their everyday life is directed by various despots (politicians, teachers, professors, instructors, bosses, landlords, ...), from cradle to grave. 2. In the parliament and majority votes alike, political decisions are always made based upon the information one has available, and this is precisely where professional manipulation intervenes as a 24/7 business, performed by the very rich PR industry. Via lobbyists they influence politicians to shape laws and governmental actions according to the paying interests of power; via mass media they influence the people to vote those parties most accessible to lobbyism into the best strategical positions, and to prevent an effective revolt of the people against the ugly conditions or PR-doctored bad developments. Therefore not only all elections are rigged, but also all legislature, even all majority votes, because the decision basis in the very heads of the majority has been manipulaed in advance. 3. Most people would say that "democratic" is where the majority decides over the whole. But this is in fact nothing but jungle law, the concept of "might makes right": If one fought over it, the greater party would probably win, so let the minority better shut up. Yet nobody would say that "might makes right" equals "democracy". The word must therefore mean something else than the rule of the current majority over any and all minorities. 4. The majority principle is rooted in a utilitarian fallacy, it assumes that it is always the most just solution to let the majority decide, because then the least number would suffer from the decision and the greatest number would be happy with it. This utilitarian (= weighing for the benefits) formula however completely fails to take into account that decisions often have very asymmetrical effects on the parties: A momentarily mildly happy majority may have been generated in exchange for a henceforth severely suffering minority. The mere numbers alone are absolutely blind to how much a decision would affect whom. With the majority principle, even the worst of dictatorships have propagandistically "justified" all kinds of atrocities against minorities. All that is quite sobering and probably leaves a feeling of emptiness, perhaps even of despair. What is there then to remain, to hope for? Answer: Well, something new! But before we get to that, on the next page we will build a massive momentum ...
03. There is no Democratic Majority!
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