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⬆️📬 Press Contact:

Please first heed_the_notes regarding Preliminary_Research and_Image_Use, as_well_as the_Interview_Conditions. Then write to the email address press%fdmc?info (replace for that %→@ and ?→.). You will receive a reply as_soon_as_possible, typically within 48_hours.  

⬆️🔎 Preliminary Research:

Please first read the following_sources before_you_cover Future_Democracy, and_before_you send interview_requests: 1. The answers to frequently_asked_questions: F FAQ 2. The Constitution of the Democratic_World with introduction and_explanatory_notes: C Constitution 3. The Table_of_Contents of_the_book: I →fdmc.info#Contents (⚠️ loads the entire PDF_book, which may take several seconds) 4. The entire Introduction chapter of_the_book: D →fdmc.info#Introduction (⚠️ loads the entire PDF_book, which may take several seconds) 5. The chapter Getting_Started — Your_Instructions: N →fdmc.info#Instructions (⚠️ loads the entire PDF_book, which may take several seconds) 6. The Overview_of the Administrative_Sectors: A →fdmc.info#ASecs (⚠️ loads the entire PDF_book, which may take several seconds) You can find information about the author of_the_book and_administrator of_this_website on O →Molaskes.info.  

⬆️📸 Image Use:

For your media, you_can freely_use the following_images: 1. any pictures from_the_PDF_book 2. any pictures from_this_website 3. any screenshots from_contents of_the_PDF_book 4. any screenshots of_this_website 5. any screenshots of_the_board_index_page (!) of_the_Best_World_Forum U →BWF.solutions 6. any captures of_videos from_the_page V Videos 7. one of the following two pictures_of_the_author (for security reasons there are no others):

⬆️🎬 Interview_Conditions:

For security reasons, and to ensure_as_best_as_possible that the press work is_beneficial, the_following_rules govern any_interviews: 1. No_video interviews: The author/admin only_gives audio_interviews and_written_interviews. 2. No live interviews: The author/admin only_gives_interviews when_he_can evaluate_them before_publication, and_can_decide_about publication_release or_non-release. 3. No money for_interviews: The author/admin neither_takes nor_pays money for_interviews.  

⬆️👁️ Media_Coverage Examples:

If you want to see_linked_here a_specific media_item (article,_video,_podcast,_...), whether_it was made by_yourself or_by_someone_else, just_write an_appropriate_email with_the_weblink and_the_media_item's publication_date to_the_address given_under Press_Contact. Also_small_items have_a_chance, also_from_beginners, "amateurs", bloggers, tiny_video_channels, and_so_on.  

⬆️🌱 Contacts History:

Here you see transparently all_contacts with_press_people and_other_influencers as_regards_Future_Democracy. Explanation of symbols: 🔺 = request_to the_press or_an_influencer 🔻 = request_from the_press or_an_influencer ✅ = positive_activity for_Future_Democracy 🔷 = friendly_reply, activity_not_known 🟡 = no_reply (yet) ❌ = negative_reply / rejected Date format: YYMMDD (year,_month,_day)
230607 ✅ in three months of work, the PDF has been safely distributed to the political underground of 42 countries all over the globe : no requests yet
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