Future Democracy


back to the⬅️StartpageHere you find the Constitution of the Democratic World from the book "Future Democracy" that you can find on the S Startpage.
  1.Extended Version with an Introduction and Explanatory Notes: 👁️PDF document: X CDW-XV.pdf (1000 KB) 2.Bare Version without introduction and without explanatory notes: (reading time: 42 minutes) 👁️PDF document: W CDW.pdf (217 KB) 🗒️Plain text version: D Constitution of the Democratic World   📺Online video audio version: O →odysee.com/@molaskes-ne/CDW   🎧MP3 audio version: 3 CDW.mp3 (33 MB) 3.ASec-Specific Excerpts for all the regular Administrative Sectors of Constitutional Future Democracy: 🌱In the Best World Forum: A →FD-ASecs.BWF.solutions
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